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Charging Optimization of Coke Ovens-Automatic level detection

Due to higher demands for enviroment protection on a global level, a number of measures are required for the operation of coke plants- especially for coke oven machinery- to reduce emerging of emissions.

Refer to such tendency, SCHALKE researched on the gas flow during charing and levelling. Former studies led to the result that the actual flow rate of emission gas during charging and levelling sequence is much higher than during the coking process. The flow rates during charging and levelling are normally negelected, because the duration of this sequence is short compared to the overall coking process.

Nevertheless, the high flow rate during this short period is a signifficant load to the by-product system, often causing considerable emission in the area of the charging holes. To confront the problem, SCHALKE modify the charing and levelling technology in a way to limit resp. to avoid the gas discharge into the ambient area.

To improve charing and levelling technology, it is important to know the actual filling condition of within each charging hole. Usually, a worker does this measurement manually from oven top through an opened charging hole. However, this way of measuring is dangerous, time-consuming and causes additional emission. To assure an always optimal charging, even on variations of coal properties, it would be reasonable to install an automatic level detection. The automaic level detection will be conducted through the open charging hole while the telescope is lowered.

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