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Coking plant equipment

C&G acquired purchase order of coke oven equipment from JFE Japan and Hyundai Steelmaking South Korea. 

We can supply complete equipment of 4.3m coke oven to 7.63m coke oven, including:

- Coal handling system
- Bracing system
- Oven closure
- Coke oven gas heating system
- Mixed gas heating system
- Reversing system
- Waste gas system
- Coke oven machines
- Test and repair stations equipment
- Refractory brick and refractory material
- Coke handling and coke quenching equipment
- Gas cleaning and recycling system
- Spare parts and quick-wear parts of the above systems

Bracing system                                                                             Oven closure
Coke oven heating system-1                                             Coke oven heating system-2

Reversing system                                                                   Waste gas system

Raw gas system                                                                       Coke oven locomotive                                       

Test and repair stations equipment                       Gas cleaning system

Coking plant pipes                                                 Coke oven pipelines                         

Coke oven temporary shed for construction

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